Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Part XIII - Social Networking

A more recent internet phenomenon is social networking. Social Networking sites allow users to create personal webpages, include pictures, videos, blogs and other sharable media. Friends and family can view this media, give feedback, and post it to their own page. There are also a number of means to communicate with people by posting bulletins, posting comments to another user’s page and sending email.

The success of social networking can be seen in the success of MySpace.com and FaceBook.com. These billion dollar companies have tapped into the desire of many internet users to connect with old and new friends via the web or through similar interests.

Businesses have taken advantage of these platforms to increase communication with customers, and potential customers. This platform allows you to connect with more web users, and communicate directly with them. These platforms also can generate more links to your website, increasing your traffic and our PageRank.

It is important to remember that these platforms and forums are not there for you to get up on your soap box and tell the world how great you are. That is what press releases are for. It is best if you use them as a way to answer questions people have about about your industry. For example, if someone posts a question about the difference between Sleeping Beauty and Kingman turquoise, an informative forum response can expose you to new customers and let them know that you know what you're talking about.

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