Monday, June 22, 2009

Search Engine Optimization - Part VII - News

Keywords can be included in your site through news stories. These news articles can take the shape of press releases from other sources, internal press releases and links to articles on other sites.

Many of your suppliers and other strategic partners can generate press releases to inform the general public about what is happening with their company. These press releases could contain useful keywords for your website purposes. They could be copied word for word, or have some aspects paraphrased to meet your purposes.

It is also important for you to generate press releases about your company. This will help to gain links from other websites, but I will discuss that in another post. These press releases can contain more of the keywords that you want on your site.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Search Engine Optimization - Part VI - Target Market Sub-Pages

Due to the nature of many businesses, your website caters to several different types of customers. You need to figure out what different types of customers you have. If you have the ability to create your own web pages, create pages that target these different customers. Pages that target specific products and customers can be packed with specific keywords, and are more likely to show up higher in searches. These sub-pages are very easy to set up. It is the research that will take most of the effort.

Remember, Google does not calculate search results by website, but by individual web pages. So the more specific you can be on one page of your site for a target audience, or product, the more likely that page will appear in search results on Google.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Search Engine Optimization - Part V - Outgoing Links

Links to external websites can help a site target its keywords and customers. External links also will cause a site to lose some of its PageRank, so there is an important balance that must be considered when putting external links onto a website.

External links help to create keywords on your site that would not otherwise exists. Perhaps your site does not contain any content on items that you would like on your keyword list. Find other sites on the internet that do offer this content, and would be beneficial for your users, and link to them. Make sure that the words you use for the link contain the keywords that you want to promote.

When you link to an external site, the portion of the linking page’s PageRank is lost to another site. This loss of PageRank forces the search engine conscious to remove any links that do not provide needed keywords for the site. All links to external sites should be carefully considered.