Monday, September 14, 2009

Part X - Public Relations

An often overlooked technique for small businesses is tooting your own horn. It is important for you to let the world know about important things that happen at your business. The simplest way to get this information out is by creating press releases. These are usually very short, and strictly fact based. Once these are circulated, the recipients can write a full article or reprint the press release.

There are many resources online for both writing and distributing press releases. Some press release distribution outlets can cost a fee, so be sure to figure out if you want to spend the money to get your word out there.

Articles written from you press releases will provide more exposure for your business, and more links from electronic versions of these articles. Best of all this costs nothing. Local, and state newspapers are always looking for information like this. Many of the magazines that promote the types of items you sell could be interested in your press releases. Additionally you could use the contacts you have made through your link-to-campaign to build your press release contact list.

Additionally, with the rise of the blogging culture, it is important to include bloggers on your press release distribution list. Be sure to start with friends and family, and expand from there.

Examples of press releases would be new products or product lines, new hires, personnel changes, big sales, volunteering, sponsorship or non-business related events in which you participate.

Another way to get your company name and website out onto the web is to apply for awards both online and elsewhere. Many of the contestants, qualifiers and winners will receive press coverage, and links from the contest’s website and the press. That coverage could grow exponentially if you were to win an award.